Why LeanScience Keto ...

We at LeanScience Keto are a growing group of smart, talented, and innovative people with a single focus – to make a difference.

Each of us have seen friends and loved ones struck down by illness or disease, which makes our goal personal. Our sole mission is to improve your overall health with superior quality nutraceuticals and functional foods scientifically proven effective.

But we don’t just stop there.

Each day our research team reviews scientific journals to find complementary herbs, micronutrients, and remedies so you get the most beneficial and potent formulas. LeanScience Keto has its fingers on the pulse of getting you what’s next and beyond.

The old phrase is true... knowledge is priceless. We’ve gathered the top advisors in their fields to bring in the knowledge and experience that you deserve. Experts and professionals review our production team and help improve our formulas using their years of research and data. With that, we can help improve the quality of life and well-being of people just like you.

LeanScience Keto meticulously works with our production team to bring you proven products for the pure, healthy lifestyle you deserve. We require the use of natural ingredients. You can see that on each of our labels. Each product is put through our five step process to become “LeanScience Keto Approved & Certified!”


Here’s what we do in our five step process:

Step 1: The Creation Process – Our production team works with master formulators following the specific patented processes used to derive our products. These high-quality blends are then used to help customers just like you. Production is performed with patented manufacturing technology and as a result it has a higher purity and meets the USP standard of heavy metals and microbiologics. 

Step 2: Scientific Testing – We only use scientifically proven ingredients. Often these ingredients follow a specific patented process to get an optimum yield. We never add a small amount of an ingredient just to go along with the marketing hype: this is a huge problem that is common with the famous brands seen at your local supplement store. Instead, we make sure you get the patented RIGHT amount of every ingredient for legitimate results and our products are also all third party lab tested for consistency.

Step 3: Pure Ingredients – LeanScience Keto requires only NATURAL INGREDIENTS. To get the best results, you need the best ingredients. We require the highest quality form of every ingredient. To meet our strict requirements, our blends are required to be free from antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives!

Step 4: Ingredient Testing – Our production process requires raw ingredients that come with a certificate of analysis assuring potency and purity. We follow a strict patented manufacturing process to assure you that every LeanScience Keto product is potent and pure before it leaves our facility. Our products are also all third party lab tested as a way to ensure that quality is consistently maintained. 

Step 5: GMP Certified Manufacturing – GMP Certification is a third-party certification program that includes inspecting the manufacturing facility to assure you that food safety and quality performance standards are always being met. This certification guarantees equipment maintenance, facility cleanliness, and personnel training. GMP Certification is your assurance of a complete commitment to quality and consistency that you deserve.

For more information about the importance about the process and strict requirements of the patented form of goBHB, please visit this link

Here’s to Your Health!

The LeanScience Keto Team