Why Do People Fail with Most Diets?

Why Do People Fail with Most Diets?


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That's a little tricky to say "Why Do People Fail with Most Diets?" Why is it tricky? If we're going to be completely honest... most diet programs currently out there will work. That's not a secret. The secret is... can people stick to it?

All those books and testimonials prove that each diet works at some level or other. Just look at the bestseller lists of diet books to see that these diets do work. They are bestsellers because people needed the message offered in the book.

The problem is whether the diet can help lose the pounds. It comes down to sustainability. That is how a successful diet should be defined. Unfortunately, a lot of people who do diet after diet often fail to achieve sustainability. They just focus on the short-term weight loss and then let it slide over time.

Some have a goal where they have some sort of high school reunion they have to go to and want to be in their best shape. Perhaps they're going to a job interview and feel pressure to look their very best so they go on a crash diet, lose weight, and then what happens next... All the weight comes back. Or they start a diet but see initial weight gain and this can actually happen when they lose fat but gain muscle -- as muscle is five times heavier than fat.

Over time most diets can fail. The reason is due to people's inability to focus on sustainability.

Here's the thing: If you go on diet and you don't focus on sustainability, odds are your diet is going to fail. We do our best to help by offering supplements that make sustainability easier... and if you give it just 25% effort, you can be pleased with the results.

It's time not to go back to the old eating habits, old dietary patterns, old food preferences. Promise that you'll do it new this time. New diet, new habits, new results, new sustainability.

Focus on consistency. Instead of on achieving spectacular weight loss, just be a little better tomorrow than you are today. There's no point in losing all that weight if you know for sure that you are going to gain all of it back and then some. Instead, take it slow and steady... that is what wins the race.

Sustainability is the Key to Diet Success

Wrap your mind around the idea of sustainability. Pace yourself and find those healthy foods that also taste good. It might take some additional time and planning, but it's worth it. Then on once a week, treat yourself and have a little fun.

You'll find that once you find those healthy foods that also taste good, the less healthy foods don't taste as good any more. I had something unhealthy the other day and it was a food I used to really like. It didn't taste good at all and I couldn't believe I used to crave it before. Then I was sad the good taste was gone and that I went off my diet a little for a food that I no longer liked. Fortunately, I can give that food up a lot easier since it no longer tastes good. Can this happen for you... give it a try and see!

Think about it. Why should you go through all the hassle and effort of losing weight ... think about the craving less food, passing health tests with high scores, fitting in anywhere you go, and just having that energy to do whatever you want - whenever you want. I know you can do it!  It only takes a change in your schedule or some sort of minor change in lifestyle. Sustainability is the name of the game.

The Keto Diet is Sustainable

Here's the good news. If you're sick and tired of going from one diet to another with little sustainable results, try the keto diet. There is a way to do this the right way. A lot of people jump in with both feet and they end up repeating typical unsustainable diet mistakes.

If you want to go on the keto diet and stay there, get our free LeanScience Keto ebook. It has the framework to enable you to turn the keto diet into an actual lifestyle that you can stick with for the long run.

Remember... the name of the game is sustainability. Do a little better today than you did yesterday. Do a little better tomorrow than you did today. You can do it!