Can BHB Help increase lifespan?


There are several ongoing studies about BHB (β-Hydroxybutyrate) and exciting findings have been coming out of those studies with more new findings that are coming soon.

BHB represents an essential carrier of energy from the liver to peripheral tissues when the supply of glucose is too low for the body’s energetic needs, such as during periods of prolonged exercise, starvation, or absence of dietary carbohydrates and maybe supplementation. In addition to its activity as an energetic metabolite, BHB is increasingly understood to have cellular signaling functions.

BHB is said to improve gene expression by unlocking important proteins that may increase longevity and antioxidant protection. BHB contains a "signaling metabolite" that can stimulate various epigenetic changes throughout the body. A lot of BHB's benefits come from its ability to optimize the expression of genes. For example, BHB inhibits molecules that silence powerful proteins. The way that BHB does this is by making helpful genes available, including important FOXO genes and MTL1. The FOXO genes regulate oxidative stress resistance, metabolism, cell cycle, and apoptosis, which can influence longevity and lifespan. MLT1 can help reduce toxicity which can also help with bodily stress.

Gene expression is important because it is at the heart of many essential biological processes. One day we’ll be able to fully understand these fundamental mechanisms, although so far we see that BHB can play a factor.

In a randomized crossover study of adults with obesity, with 14 days of premeal ketone BHB supplementation the observers noticed improved glucose control, enhanced vascular function, and possible reduction of cellular inflammation. The concluded that supplementation may be a viable, nonpharmacological approach to improving and protecting vascular health in people with heightened cardiometabolic risk. By protecting vascular health, that also can increase longevity.

The ketone body BHB is emerging as a poster child of the endogenous metabolite that transmits signals from the environment to affect cellular function and human health. Researchers have made important strides in understanding the signaling functions of BHB, many of which have crucial implications for the management of human diseases. A deeper knowledge of the endogenous actions of BHB, and improved tools for delivering BHB or replicating its effects, offers promise for the improvement of human health span and longevity. Ketone-enhancing treatments might serve as a rapid and enduring strategy to halt or even reverse disease progression.

While we may not know 100% for sure if Ketone supplementation can truly enhance longevity -- there are factors that appear to influence longevity and lifespan and so far those factors look very encouraging.

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