Are you ready for Swim Season?

The thought of swim season and short summer clothes strikes fear in some people. Don't let that be you. 


Get ready for swim season

With swim season just a few months away, small steps today can make a big difference tomorrow. This is the perfect time to get a head start to look forward to those upcoming fun times.

Small steps this next few months can make the difference later on. There's lots of time to get a head start.

For feeling your best, we recommend three things to do each day.

1. Avoid sugary foods and white flour foods.

2. Avoid salty foods and carbonated drinks

3. Do 20 minutes of some light and uplifting activity each day.


Avoid sugary foods and white flour foods. 

These days, its near impossible to not have some sugar and white flour. But it is feasible to reduce those and even substitute other foods for the sugars. Instead of cookies and candy, try substituting fruits, dried fruits and even yogurt at times. These can help you get through the day without the sugar spikes and will eventually help curb that sugar craving. 


Avoid salty foods and carbonated drinks

Salty foods and carbonated water contributes to water retention and the feeling of being bloated. Feeling bloated can make it feel like you're not making progress towards being lean and can even hide progress. Fortunately, that feeling is only temporary once you reduce the salts and carbonated water.  Sadly, even cottage cheese has too much salt (so just have a small serving if you have any).

Instead try lower sodium (or a Real Salt) and lower carbonated water alternatives. Real Salt can include sea salt and himalayan salt - it can make a difference in overall health.

I have to admit that I like energy drinks, but I go with the low carbonated ones. There are lots of  energy drink options that fit with low carbonation. Once you eliminate the sodas and sugar free sodas, you will feel a difference in overall health. You won't want to go back.


Do at least 20 minutes of some activity each day

Twenty minutes of each day can make for a great uplifting mood. Getting a little sunlight helps too. 

You can go for a walk, or even walk your dog (they'll love it).

A few minutes of weights here and there can be extra beneficial. 

A bicycle ride is a great way to get out and see neighbors and find those relaxing moments.

I promise you that this will add some extra joy to your life.

Imagine if you take the next few months and only do at least 20 minutes a day of activity. You can't lose and the leanness will cling to you!


There you have it. The roadmap to Swim Suit and summer season.

If you ever feel the need to have a cheat day, eat something fun once a week. It will be ok. No guilt needed. Our Keto supplements can help on those cheat days too. You can see the Keto supplements at our website.

Wishing you a great and joyful day!