3 basic mindsets that ensure keto diet success

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Keto mindset for success

I don't know how many diets you’ve tried, but let me say this... if you don't have the right mindset, chances are you won't succeed. In fact, if you're like most people, the experience fits a familiar pattern. First, you’re excited about the diet and sure enough, you follow directions very closely.

Thanks to your careful dietary guidelines, and your eager energy, you start losing a lot of pounds. Perfect... right? This keeps up for maybe a few more days or even a few more weeks. But unfortunately sooner or later... the pounds start coming back.

If that wasn't bad enough, things then go from bad to worse. You might even gain more weight than when you began the diet. Isn’t the whole point of going on a diet to lose weight? Sadly, most diets are gateways -- believe it or not -- to additional weight. It's a frustrating situation.

The reason why people go through this all too familiar tragic pattern is because they don't adopt the right mindset. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to do the keto diet, the paleo diet, the Atkins diet, the slimming diet, or any other weight management program, without the right mindset, you are playing the game to lose.

At the very least, you should adopt three basic mindsets that will ensure keto diet success. These three mindsets actually help many aspects of life and are great principles to live each day.

Mindset #1
Assume that you can do it

Because you are reading this... I actually 100% know that you can accomplish your goals!  With that said, do you believe you can do it? If your mind said "no" -- why did your mind say that...

It’s easy to get excited about testimonials included in diet books. But don't just focus on the fact that the diet can work for other people. Instead, wrap your mind around the possibility that the diet can actually work for you. Visualize yourself being that next set of testimonial pictures. When you see it, you will be it. 

That's right, you personally, individually. See it happen, it will happen for you.

It's like trying to play basketball and putting the ball through the hoop. If in the back of your head you're saying to yourself, “Other people can shoot really well, but not me," what do you think will happen? You're shooting accuracy will go down. You’re sabotaging yourself without realizing it. You're making things unnecessarily harder on yourself.

This is why it's so important to see yourself achieving success with the keto diet. Not the case study pictures, not the people giving testimonials -- let's talk about you. Take five minutes at the beginning of each day and see yourself eating the correct foods and reaching your goals. How would your day be different once you reach the goal... imagine that difference today!

Mindset #2
Begin with what you have

One common reason why people fail is because they think that they have to transform into a completely different person. In other words...  they believe that their circumstances or their situation needs to change dramatically if they want to achieve success.

When people think along these lines, they’re basically just giving themselves excuses for either not trying or for expecting bad results. I can understand why people do this. Maybe you've been let down in the past, and it's very easy to become skeptical.

But don't let that past difficulty cause future difficulty. Every day you wake up to a brand new day -- and think of each new day like a gift. Use this gift to your advantage and you'll get the success you seek. 

Sometimes it's easier to expect failure. After all, you may have gone through the familiar process of initially losing weight, and then getting it all back. It becomes a repeated story, and could be just a matter of time until your heart gets broken again. Just because it may have happened in the past, that doesn't mean it has to happen again. Each new day is a gift.

Change everything that you can possibly change. This will lay the groundwork for your ultimate success. You don't have to move heaven and earth to create optimal conditions. Just build on what you have.

Remember this... conditions are never perfect. There'll never be a time when your circumstances will be just right for you to ensure success. You're going to have to take a risk. You're going to have to begin with what you have.

It doesn't matter what discipline level you have. It doesn’t matter what else is going on in your life. Believe it or not... it doesn't even matter whether you feel good about yourself. All that matters is that you're ready, willing and able to begin with what you have. Then assume that this will work for you and see it happening.

I know we are talking about weight management, but could this process also be a foundation for all good things in your life... only you can answer that question. I think you know what that answer is ;-) 

Mindset #3
Enjoy your food according to rules you choose

Another key point for keto diet success involves the issue of control. A lot of people fail with diets because they think that they have to eat foods that make themselves miserable as a way to achieve success. For instance, they don't normally like a certain taste, but since they’re switching over to this new diet, they force themselves to eat a certain range of flavors.

Let me tell you, a diet containing foods you don't like, that diet is destined for failure. It's only a matter time until you go back to how you normally eat. It's very frustrating. It’s as if you're doing well, and you're making progress, and all of a sudden your old self pulls you back. You end up right where you started.

That's why it's so important to focus on enjoying your food. Dieting should not be an ordeal and not some sort of punishment. If you deny yourself of pleasures, know that no one has that willpower to maintain such an effort. Instead, the keto diet should be a celebration of taste. It all really comes down to enjoying your food according to keto rules and just make some tweaks.

You have to first choose the keto rules. Make that choice to go on the diet, and then select foods based on your existing tastes. There's no need to be someone else. There's no need to change your taste buds that you've spent a lifetime developing. Please don't go through any of that. Instead allow yourself to enjoy the foods that you already enjoy.

Spoiler ahead... for many people this is the hardest part. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll have to minimize that. Try nibbling a little minimal sweets here and there. That’s the only change. For everything else, whether you like sour foods, salty foods, or definitely fatty foods, you'll be fine. Give yourself three weeks to manage that sweet tooth and you'll be ok. You know healthwise that you've been meaning to do that any way. I did see some Keto friendly gummy bears and chocolate peanut butter cups the other day... the flavor change might take a little getting used to but those could help on a craving day.

Keep up with the mindsets above if you want to be successful with the keto diet. Can these mindsets actually provide a somewhat holistic approach to life... I dare say that they might.  I'm not going to lie you and say that you can adopt these mindsets overnight. But if you change your mindset according to the three key pillars above, adopting the keto diet will become easier. And it's more likely to stick.

If you ever feel the need to have a cheat day, eat something fun once a week. It will be ok. No guilt needed. Our Keto supplements can help on those cheat days too. You can see the Keto supplements at our website.

Wishing you a great and joyful day!


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